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Here's Why You Should Cook with Filtered Water

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30 January 2019

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benefits of cooking with filtered water

Water is indispensable in cooking.

It is used in almost every stage; from washing the ingredients, to preparation (steaming, boiling, baking and dissolving sugar/salt… etc), to cleaning the utensils and plates once the meal is over.

Is cooking with filtered water better than cooking with a different type of water? The answer is: Yes. Let’s start with explaining the differences between the main types of water.

Kids-Approved Infused Water Halloween Drinks in Dubai

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24 October 2018

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Kids-approved Infused Water Halloween Drinks in Dubai

It’s that time of the year again!

With October wrapping up real soon, kids are all excited for their spooky autumn function at school and the scary neighborhood Halloween party. While steering your kids away from the piles of candy and treats can be quite challenging, a drink that’s packed with vitamins and yet nothing less than creepy sounds like a win to us.