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Would You Dare To Try The ‘World’s Spiciest’ Fish And Chips?

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31 January 2019

world’s spiciest’ fish and chips

If you’ve ever thought your fish supper would be improved by a dash of hot sauce, you should probably head to this family-run takeaway in Haxby, North Yorkshire.

Millers Fish & Chips are selling what they claim to be the world’s spiciest fish and chips – and you’ll have to sign a waiver before tucking in.

The batter includes 10 super hot ingredients, including dried chillies, cayenne pepper and paprika, it’s then covered in hot sauce and sprinkled with spicy crisps.

The Best Chili Sauce At Home — Jamie Oliver Style

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18 May 2017

The Best Chili Sauce At Home By Jamie Oliver

If your eyes get a hungry glaze at words like dynamite, 'sizzling and fiery on a menu card and if you firmly believe that the redder the snack, the better then sit tight — we're going to make your day so much better than yesterday.

Well, we can't take the credit here — it's Jamie Oliver, the British celebrity chef/restaurateur who has made every spice-loving soul's life happier with his eye-watering spicy chilli sauce recipe video above.

The Best Food Pics From Coachella 2017

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18 April 2017

Coachella Food 2017

If you’ve been to any music festival, let alone Coachella — you know the event isn’t just about music. Sure, people show up from all over the world to listen to Lady Gaga and Lorde but while they listen, they eat — really really well.

In fact, for foodie souls (yes, us), the best thing about such fancy festivals is the mouth-watering range of street foodthe Coachella Festival 2017.

BEWARE: These photos will give you food coma, of the best kind.