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Food Is the Best Thing About Coachella Festival: We Have Proof!

These photos will give you food coma

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18 April 2017

Coachella Food 2017

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If you’ve been to any music festival, let alone Coachella — you know the event isn’t just about music. Sure, people show up from all over the world to listen to Lady Gaga and Lorde but while they listen, they eat — really really well.

In fact, for foodie souls (yes, us), the best thing about such fancy festivals is the mouth-watering range of street foodthe Coachella Festival 2017.

BEWARE: These photos will give you food coma, of the best kind.

Buffalo fried chicken sandwich with blue cheese — unadulterated gluttony!

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Banana split fluffernutters — up in the air.

This is what happens when you pair ice-cream with a warm glazed Oreo donut.

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Yes, there was organic food too.

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When spicy hot salsa meets delicious tacos.

Jalapa Jar brought the and delicious tacos! If you are going Weekend @lafoodieguy

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These ice cream are way more photogenic than us — with makeup AND filters.

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Pulled Pork Flamin Hot Mac N' Cheese Tots, Bacon Jam Burger, Pork Belly Fries and Mac N' Cheese Bun Burger — that's how you survive Coachella!

Bacon bacon wrapped hot dog, pickled daikon & carrot, cucumber, cilantro, lime, spicy mayo — it's music to ears.

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