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13 Edible Reasons To Fall In Love With Philippines

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15 November 2021

13 Edible Reasons To Fall In Love With Philippines

It may not be as popular as its neighbouring cuisines (Chinese or Thai) but Filipino cuisine has its distinct flavours that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

If you doubt our words then listen to world’s renowned chef, Anthony Bourdain, who believes Filipino food is the next big thing. TBH, with so many expat-Filipino fellows living here in the UAE, it was just a matter of time that we got the whiff of their underrated Asian cuisine.

10 Of The Best Street Foods From The Streets Of Mumbai

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29 May 2017

Mumbai street food

India is the land of exotic ingredients and Mumbai is the heart of its tantalising flavours. With a population of more than 20 million, the city’s street food platter is as diverse as the people who live here.

Spicy, sour, sweet, hot and simply delicious, Mumbai gives you many edible reasons to fall in love with it. The street vendors use time-tested recipes and a whole palette of spices to create dishes that are rich in flavours and easy on the pocket.

10 Street Food Culture Photos From Around The World

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23 May 2017

Street Food Culture Photos

They say you have to TASTE the culture to truly understand it — and the best kind of taste always come from the street. It’s your on-the-ground experiences that give you the most authentic insight into the exotic lands and its people.

Call it precaution, fear or just lack of curiosity, some people prefer the standard menu of their hotels instead of diving into the real deal. But there are few who would travel far and wide for the love of food.

The Best Food Pics From Coachella 2017

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18 April 2017

Coachella Food 2017

If you’ve been to any music festival, let alone Coachella — you know the event isn’t just about music. Sure, people show up from all over the world to listen to Lady Gaga and Lorde but while they listen, they eat — really really well.

In fact, for foodie souls (yes, us), the best thing about such fancy festivals is the mouth-watering range of street foodthe Coachella Festival 2017.

BEWARE: These photos will give you food coma, of the best kind.