This Dessert Is Taking Coachella 2017 Festival By Storm |

This Dessert Is Taking Coachella 2017 Festival By Storm

Waffle pop, anyone?

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18 April 2017

Waffle pop dessert at Coachella 2017

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Hollywood's it-girls may be ruling Coachella searches for their eye-popping fashion sense but it’s the mouth-wateringly delicious waffle on a stick dessert that’s got our full and focused attention.

Aptly named, Sweet Combforts, this dessert is tailor-made for your daily dose of foodgasm.

It’s pretty, colourful and you can hold it to pose in front of different backgrounds.

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It’s a waffle on a stick topped with crackers, Oreo crunch and fruity pebbles.

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The waffle pop is then drizzled with heavenly syrups and toppings — can you taste the sweet crunchy heaven already?

Coachella attendees can also order a plain waffle but seriously —when you have such delish treat to devour, why would anyone do that?

Sweet Combfort is a genius creation by executive chef, Anne Marie Damaso who put her childhood fantasies to work and created a dessert-to-pose-for. The Sweet Combforts' co-partner, Kevin Bobby Nguyen defines his products as a kind of pizza dough that’s sweet and infused with flavours in every bite.

Get ready cause something sweet is coming very soon to Irvin @killamitchhh

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This dessert, along with 100+ vendors prove that food — is the best thing about Coachella!

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