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10 Kid-Friendly Recipes To Survive Summer Break

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2 August 2017

10 Quick & Easy Recipes For Kids

If you’re a mum with a picky eater in the house, you know mealtime is going to be a battlefield. By now, you know the drill: Serve the food, wait for the whining then try convincing, cajoling and scolding. When none of that works, bribe them with a candy and may be (just may be) you might just win the battle, for today.

Things get particularly restless during summer breaks when kids have free time to plan out their not-eating-this strategies. Your best shot to avoid these encounters is to let your kids get in the game.

6 Crazy Creative Ways To Serve Watermelon

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1 July 2017

5 Crazy Creative Way To Serve Watermelon

If there were a fashion magazine for summer fruits (cause, why not?) Watermelon would hands down — be on the cover page.

They have a great presence (yes, size matters), beautiful colour scheme and they’re totally Instagrammable. Not to forget, these mega-sized melons are rich in vitamins A and C and antioxidants making them super-healthy treats for summers.

The easiest way to eat a watermelon might be to dive right into a big slice with your hands but that’s not the onlyway. Scroll down to see 10 ways to make these big water lugs the star attraction of the party.

7 Arabic Salads To Try This Summer

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13 June 2017

7 Arabic Salads To Try This Summer

Of all cuisines, Arabic food has the best salads. We’re not making claims here, we’ve got proof.

Go to any Arabic family dinner and you’ll find at least 6 to 10 types of salads, all different from one another. They are fresh, healthy, filling — basically everything that we trying-to-eat-healthy generation wants in their daily diet.

These wholesome bowls of deliciousness are one of the many reasons that the past decade has seen Arabic cuisine's global profile skyrocketing.

5 Fresh-Fruit Popsicles To Replace Your Ice Cream Guilt

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24 April 2017

Fresh fruit popsicles

Summers might be a couple of months away for the rest of the world but if you’re anywhere in the Middle East — you know better than to distinguish between the two.

And now that the temperature has started soaring high, all we scream is ICE CREAM. But before you feel the heavenly freeze of your favourite scoop, just take a look at the calories, fat and sugar in one serving — seems a little less sweet and enticing, doesn’t it?

Instead of a scoop of calorie-laden ice cream, why not serve the kids (and yourself) a fresh, fruit-filled popsicle?