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This Is What Eating Lunch At Your Desk Every Day Is Doing To Your Mental And Physical Health

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16 December 2020

Eating Lunch At Your Desk

Along with ghosting and online trolls, eating lunch ‘al desko’ has become a sadly common reality of modern life.

Many of us see it as a necessity – you feel like you’ve got so much work to do that you can’t step away for even a second. According to a survey commissioned by the National Charity Partnership, almost three in five UK employees eat lunch at their desk, giving reasons ranging from heavy workloads to the office culture.

5 Healthy & Addictive Snacks For Your Office Drawer

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18 January 2017

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Do you tend to have cravings while chained to your work desk? We feel you! Here's some snack ideas that keep the cravings away, and the calories low...

Whoever says they don’t have a guilt-filled snack stashed in their desk probably doesn’t like you and doesn’t want to share it with you. Let’s admit it, mindless munching is a universally satisfying experience that usually leads to gradual weight gain, digestive issues, stress and a day full of self-critical thoughts.

But hey, it’s not all your fault.