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10 Savoury Pancake Ideas To Try For World Pancake Day Dubai

Posted on

1 February 2022

10 Savoury Pancake Ideas You Have to Try for World Pancake Day Dubai

If you're bored of the regular sweet hotcakes, try something deliciously different for World Pancake Day in Dubai

You can't beat the classic recipe of baking powder, flour, milk, eggs, and butter, drizzled with your pick of toppings from lemon and sugar to strawberries and chocolate.

But when it's World Pancake Day this March 1st, 2022 in Dubai, a.k.a the one time in the year the world celebrates by having pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all that sugary sweetness might leave you craving for something different.

8 Best Recipes and Ideas for World Pancake Day in Dubai

Posted on

17 February 2020

8 Sweet Recipes and Ideas for World Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day! Celebrate the mouth-watering holiday with some quirky inspiration...

One of the best things about World Pancake Day in the UAE, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is that it's the perfect excuse to tuck into a stack of delicious, steaming hotcakes.

But if the traditional fluffy pancakes or lemon and sugar toppings aren't cutting it for you, we found some flippin' delicious alternatives that will have you piling them high.