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A List of Animal Cafés, Restaurants & Dining Spots in the UAE

Enjoy a meal, a cup of tea or coffee, or a sweet treat with a furry friend nearby with our list of the UAE's animal and pet dining spots

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2 June 2023

List of animal and pet cafes in the UAE

Animal lovers, here is a list of dining spots where you can meet and interact with animals.

Animal-themed cafés and dining spots are still a growing concept in the UAE. More popular in parts of Asia, Europe, and the US, animal cafés and restaurants are simple: guests can enjoy a drink, meal, dessert, or a baked snack while meeting some animals (usually cats or dogs) that call the café home or are only for pets. Our list is not to be confused with pet-friendly restaurants and cafés that allow you to bring your pets with you while you dine.

It’s reasonable to have ethical and safety concerns when it comes to these places, but rest assured that our list is full of places that follow the UAE's regulations, and prioritise the well-being of the animals as well as the safety and enjoyment of their visitors.

Check out our complete list of animal-themed dining spots in the UAE for a paw-sitively fun time!

Note: Some restaurants and cafes charge an entrance fee per person. We recommend getting in touch with the place before your visit, as the prices may often change.

1. See where it all started in Dubai at Ailuromania Cat Café

Ailuromania Cat Café was the first-ever cat café in the Middle East. This family-friendly spot is the purr-fect place for cat lovers, people who can't commit to adopting, those who are unable to adopt their own kitty, or are trying to get used to being around these beautiful creatures.

Eat something yummy, enjoy a beverage, play with the cats, and if you happen to strike a special connection with one, you can even choose to adopt it into your life! This Dubai cat café is also open to re-homing their cats to a new, forever family.

Pet cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Image credit: Ailuromania Cat Café

2. Play with cats at Dubai's Cat Cafe Vibrissae

Ever since they opened in 2021, this lovely cat café with branches in Mirdiff and Al Safa has been a favourite among feline-lovers in the UAE. Guests can spend quality time with cute, friendly, and fluffy cats while enjoying a hot or cold drink.

The Dubai-based Cat Cafe Vibrissae was started by experienced cat lovers who wanted to provide people with a stress-free and joyous experience with these furry friends, while also providing a permanent home for the pets.

Complete list of cat cafes in the UAE

Image credit: Cat Cafe Vibrissae

3. Dine with owls at Boomah, The Owl Café in Abu Dhabi

Located in Al Seef Village Mall, this Abu Dhabi café is not like the rest. Here, visitors can meet and interact with any of the nine owls living at Boomah, The Owl Café, under the supervision of professional bird trainers and caretakers.

Top Animal and Pet Cafés in the UAE

Image credit: Boomah

4. Spend time with furry feline friends at Abu Dhabi's Meow Café

Head to Al Muneera where you'll find Meow Café, Abu Dhabi's first-ever cat café. Cat-lovers in the UAE capital are in for a wonderful treat, with plenty of sweet and playful kitties to interact with.

Note: You're not allowed to bring outside pets (dogs, cats, etc.) into the café.

Top Animal and Pet Cafés in the UAE

Image credit: Meow Café

5. Have a meal alongside wildlife in Abu Dhabi

Although this Abu Dhabi-based family-friendly destination is primarily a resort and a zoo, you can book their special dining area to enjoy breakfast alongside the giraffes, have lunch with the big cats (leopards and lions), or grab dinner with the elephants.

The Emirates Park Zoo and Resort offers visitors an educational and entertaining dining experience, in a safe environment.

Top Animal and Pet Cafés in the UAE

Image credit: Emirates Park Zoo and Resort

6. Feline good at Meowtropolis Cat Café

Located along Cluster Y in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Meowtropolis Cat Café is another fun cat café in Dubai where you can meet and interact with feline friends. The cats that call this place home are mostly sweet, calm, and friendly.

Top Animal and Pet Cafés in the UAE

Image credit: angelulanulan

7. Enjoy some "cat therapy" at The Cat Café Dubai

The Cat Café Dubai is where guests can pop by, experience the lovely company of their cats, and enjoy some "kitty therapy" in a cozy and stress-free environment. Have a hot or cold drink, watch the cats playing, and don't be shy to cuddle with them (when the cats are open to it).

Some of their cats are also available for adoption, if you find yourself unable to resist one of their precious fur babies.

Top Animal and Pet Cafés in the UAE

Image credit: The Cat Cafe Dubai