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Let's Cook Review: The Carey Mum's Honest Take

Dubai-based blogger The Carey Mum tries, plates, and gives her honest review on the ready-to-make meal service plans from Let's Cook

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9 March 2020

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Let's Cook Review: The Carey Mum's Honest Take

Photos and article contributed by The Carey Mum.

This time and money-saving click-and-deliver service is perfect for busy mums in Dubai and Sharjah.

Hands up who’s in a supermarket every few days? I mean, surely I can’t be the only one?! Even when I’ve wasted time over the weekend doing a big shop I always end up back in for top-ups and things over forgotten.

Well no more wasted hours in supermarkets thanks to Let's Cook, the UAE's favourite subscription-based ready to cook food delivery service.

Let’s Cook is a meal prep service where you can choose your meals for the week and the exact ingredients and quantities come delivered straight to your door... along with step by step recipes! That's right, they do all the prep and all you have to do is just cook it.

Just take a look at some of our meals!

Let's Cook Review: The Carey Mum's Honest Take

It’s also great for portion control. There’s no accidentally cooking for 5 instead of 2… and of course, if you like things a little spicy, salty, etc. you can always add to a recipe.

The whole process is so easy from choosing a plan and ordering your meals, to arranging delivery and storing and cooking your ingredients using the recipes.

The produce delivered was really fresh!

Let's Cook Review: The Carey Mum's Honest Take

The boxes are packed with each recipe separate and labeled so there’s no guesswork or working out which ingredients go with which recipe. Easy and simple.

The best thing about the Let's Cook recipe boxes aside from the convenience, saving on unwanted quantities of ingredients and their fresh produce is not arguing with my husband over what we’re going to eat for dinner each evening! Perfect!

Let's Cook Review: The Carey Mum's Honest Take

If you fancy giving Let's Cook a go, visit their site to start planning and preparing your next meal, here: https://www.letscook.me/

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