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10 Ridiculously Expensive Fruits Around The World

We've got some real fancy bananas here.

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17 April 2017

Video credit: FactsVerse

For those who think eating loads of fruits and veggies is light on your pocket then it’s time to let go of your presumptions.

Sure, your fridge is full of fruits all worth under AED 30 that you keep munching but what if we tell you that the mother nature Earth is filled with exotic fruits that worth more than your fanciest dress?

These royal fruits aren’t available at your regular grocery stores nor can you find them at the snotty uptown organic shop in the city. They are kinds that require travel, timings and cash — loads and loads of eye-popping cash.

Popular YouTube channel, FactVerse has listed down the 10 most expensive fruits on the entire planet.

Did you know, there are actual edible pears shaped just like Buddha? Watch the video to find out more of such exotic treats.