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10 Secret Food Scams You Always Fall For

Those free appetisers are there for a reason.

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29 May 2017

video credit: ExtremeTrends/YouTube

Fake claims, deceptive lies and heavily-filtered photos — we’re all too familiar with the frequent tactics used to sell food BUT that’s not all.

The manipulation of our minds goes far beyond subtle shading and blotch cleaning. Every time you dine out, chances are you’re being taken for a fool more often than you are aware of.

You may not even notice but you’re constantly being tricked by the world-famous food chains. From free appetisers to the 99 price trick. YouTube channel, @ExtremeTrends has compiled a list of 10 such scams we always fall for.

The next time you go out to eat, know that those free salted peanuts as appetisers have little to do with customer service. The salt makes you thirsty and prompts you to order more drinks aka more money.