This Dubai Bakery Has Paid The Most Extravagant Tribute To Tyrion Lannister |

This Dubai Bakery Has Paid The Most Extravagant Tribute To Tyrion Lannister

A giant cake worth AED 100,000 - yep, you heard it right.

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29 July 2017

video credit: Broadway Bakery Dubai/YouTube

The economic or weather conditions may change drastically in Dubai but what doesn’t change is the city’s love for everything extravagant. After creating the most expensive ice cream, pillow, burger, and hotel — Dubai is now home to the most expensive cake in the world.

And mind you, this is no ordinary cake. The cake is almost a life-like version of Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage – a beloved character in Game of Thrones.

Standing 4 ft high, the giant cake may make some of you cringe but for a GoT fan – it’s a feast for the eyes. The expert bakery behind this work of culinary art is Dubai’s Broadway Bakery. The sponge masterpiece weighs 32 kilograms and serves at least 120 people.

The elaborate craftsmanship includes the detailed modelling of Tyrion Lannister's face and body seated on a meticulously layered Iron Throne made entirely of fondant. The team didn’t miss any of the small details either…Tyrion’s holding a flask of his favourite guilty pleasure.

He’s even dressed in his distinctive red jacket with intricate gold artwork. His face is covered with stubbles and there is also a scar up his cheek and on the bridge of his nose which he got after the bloody Battle of Blackwater in GoT's season 2, episode 9.

But before you even think about ordering it, know that it will cost you a bank-breaking AED 100,000.

Well, there goes our dream to feast on Tyrion Lannister. But hey, if you have that whopping amount of money to spare, you can order it in any flavour you like.