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This Dubai Bakery Has Paid The Most Extravagant Tribute To Tyrion Lannister

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29 July 2017

The Most Expensive Cake For Tyrion Lannister

The economic or weather conditions may change drastically in Dubai but what doesn’t change is the city’s love for everything extravagant. After creating the most expensive ice cream, pillow, burger, and hotel — Dubai is now home to the most expensive cake in the world.

And mind you, this is no ordinary cake. The cake is almost a life-like version of Tyrion Lannister played by Peter Dinklage – a beloved character in Game of Thrones.

Jennifer Lopez’s 48th Birthday Cake Was More Glamorous Than Her Cut-Out Dress

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27 July 2017

Jennifer Lopez’s 48th Birthday Cake

There’s hardly anything about Jennifer Lopez that’s subtle or understated, especially her birthday cakes. The pop icon has a reputation for celebrating her birthdays with a shebang and has been proudly dubbed The Queen of Birthday Cakes by star-struck fans.

JLO recently threw a lavish party in Miami in celebration of her 48th birthday. Ang guess what? The Swarovski crystal studded cake grabbed more attention than JLo's sheer cut-out mini dress.

This Is What Kim Kardashian ALWAYS Orders At McDonald's

Posted on

16 June 2017

Kim Kardashian Always Order At McDonald's

Looking at their hourglass figure, you’d think the entire Kardashian family survives on air (and media attention), and you’re partially correct.

Their social lives, however, tell a different story — one that all fast-food loving people can relate to.

The queen of the clan, Kim Kardashian recently took to her Instagram to tell her millions of followers her go-to McDonald’s order. Her younger sister, Khloe has been pretty open about her ‘relatively healthy choices’ but looks like Kim totally ignored her advice.

How To Eat Healthy Like Michelle Obama

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29 May 2017

Michelle Obama eating habits

We’ve plenty of reasons to look up to Michelle Obama. Her undying effort towards promoting a healthy lifestyle is just one of the many. The former first lady of America has been a loyal crusader of a balanced diet. Her official efforts including MyPlate and Let’sMove have been directed toward reducing child obesity and promoting a healthy body image.

If you’re a Michelle fan then here’s an easy guide on how to stay fit and positive like her.

10 Chrissy Teigen Recipes That Will Send You Into A Food Coma

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28 May 2017

Chrissy Teigen Recipes

Chrissy Teigen is all things witty, charming, sexy and delicious. This model-turned-food-blogger-turned-author can cook better than she cleans up for red carpets — and we all know how well she does that.

There aren’t many celebrities who would admit, let alone flaunt their passion for food but Teigen is not one of them. This woman LOVES to whip up some drool-worthy recipes and the best thing about her food is she’s not one for substituting ingredients for the sake of health.