Jennifer Lopez’s 48th Birthday Cake Was More Glamorous Than Her Cut-Out Dress |

Jennifer Lopez’s 48th Birthday Cake Was More Glamorous Than Her Cut-Out Dress

24k gold crust and more than 10,000 Swarovski crystals.

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27 July 2017

Jennifer Lopez’s 48th Birthday Cake

image credit: jlo/Instagram

There’s hardly anything about Jennifer Lopez that’s subtle or understated, especially her birthday cakes. The pop icon has a reputation for celebrating her birthdays with a shebang and has been proudly dubbed The Queen of Birthday Cakes by star-struck fans.

JLO recently threw a lavish party in Miami in celebration of her 48th birthday. Ang guess what? The Swarovski crystal studded cake grabbed more attention than JLo's sheer cut-out mini dress.

Cake, anyone?

Even JLO was shocked to see the magnificent work of art.

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The multitiered structure was made of ivory and 24k gold crust.

Created by the masterminds at Divine Delicacies Cakes in Miami, the extravagant cake overshadowed all her previous birthday celebrations by a fair margin.

Sharing the details about the stunning creation on their Instagram page, the posh cake experts wrote, "happy Birthday @jlo and her team thank you for continuing to trust in our Art! Cake for today to celebrate Jennifer's birthday! Cake with Handmade Lion heads in 24k edible gold. Swarovski crystal details

More than 10,000 Swarovski crystals adorned the custom name plate.

For the finishing touch, it had 'Jennifer' spelt out in Swarovski crystals and featured an ornate lion head pattern encrusted in 24K edible gold.

Daily Mail estimates the cost of the show-stopping cake around £1,500 ($1,956).