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Malarone for malaria

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07/02/2012 18:32:03
Does anyone know where I can find Malarone for malaria? We've just moved here to I'm not very familiar with all of the areas and I hear it is in short supply, so I'm hoping someone has seen it lately? TIA!

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07/02/2012 19:03:05
You can get Mephaquin here very easily if you want to try that.

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07/02/2012 19:41:26
Hi Suzieq123

We recently got them from American Hospital. You need to see someone at the Primary Care clinic who writes you a prescription for the Pharmacy. (I tried several Pharmacies before going there but they only seem to sell Mefloquine over the counter)

07/02/2012 19:43:28
We recently got some at City Hospital Pharmacy. Just took the script from our GP and the process was seamless.

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07/02/2012 20:11:19
Uh oh, we have no doctor... I was told I could buy over the counter. No? Shrekfeet, can I do what you suggested without my DD that the prescription is for, or would I need to bring her with me?

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07/02/2012 20:14:37
i researched this as my boy went to vietnam just recently. in abu dhabi the preventive medicine department were giving out larim which he couldnt take and i wouldnt give because of the horrible side affects, the next alternative of doxycycloine he couldnt take because of medical issues, so that left malarone, you would expect for the hospital here in abu dhabi to stock it as its a very useful drug not just for malaria etc, but they dont, the only place that i could find it back in november was the american hospital, they would have charged me 500dhs to see the doc to write the script and then it was i think 30dhs per pill, and you needed something like 19 pills so it was going to be well over a thousand dirhams. in the end i managed to get it from the uk at half the price. you cannot buy malarone over the counter, none of the three i have mentioned can be bought legally over the counter, you have to have a prescription for them. yes you would need to bring her with you.

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08/02/2012 01:59:01
I got my Malarone at life Pharmacy, no problem.
edited by Becky Allred on 08/02/2012

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08/02/2012 06:35:35
becky, could you tell me which Life you went to? i will go today, thanks!

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08/02/2012 13:44:00
I got some from Emirates Hospital (Dubai) Beach Road - opposite Jumeirah Beach Park. I needed a docter's prescription for it. Good luck!

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08/02/2012 18:23:56
When we needed it for trip to Thailand, we went to the pharmacy next to ParknShop and they got it for us. No prescription.

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08/02/2012 20:50:57
jellymum wrote:
When we needed it for trip to Thailand, we went to the pharmacy next to ParknShop and they got it for us. No prescription.

was this a daily or a weekly tablet?

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