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What to Wear During Ramadan in the UAE: 3 Tips for Women

Our fashion rule book for both Muslim and non-Muslim women on how to dress during the Holy Month

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29 February 2024

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Clarice Awa

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What to wear during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Modesty in dress is essential during the Holy Month - not sure on what to wear? We're here to help.

When it comes to Ramadan fashion, the key is modesty. For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, everyone is expected to cover up more and dress more conservatively during the Holy Month.

Both genders should adhere to this dress code, and all should avoid revealing and tight clothing in particular. Not doing so could offend those who are fasting.

Don't panic, though - the dress code during Ramadan is easy to adhere to.

Cover from the shoulders to your knees. Your cleavage, knees, and shoulders should be covered out of respect - and this includes if you're heading for a night out.

Why is there a dress code during Ramadan?
The Holy Month of Ramadan is the holiest time during the Islamic calendar, and for observing Muslims, it is a time for fasting during daylight hours- a form of worship. During Ramadan, both residents and visitors are asked to be mindful of their dress and to recognise the Holy Month and its disciplines.

If you're stuck for inspiration for your Ramadan wardrobe, or you're worried you'll buy and wear something that could be seen as inappropriate? Don't panic - we've got your back.

What to wear during the Holy Month of Ramadan
We take a closer look at the rules of modest dressing during the Holy Month, for both Muslim and non-Muslim women.

Rule #1 Cover your shoulders

Incorporate t-shirts, and 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve tops to your wardrobe - avoid string vests, tank tops, and one-shoulder outfits.

As Ramadan tends to fall during the warmer seasons in the UAE, we recommend adding light-weight jackets or kaftans to your Ramadan wardrobe, too.

How to properly dress during Ramadan 2024 in the UAE?

Rule #2 Don't show your cleavage

Avoid any tops that reveals your cleavage too much, especially plunging necklines or any top/dress that shows a little side boob. This exposure can wait until you're at the beach or by the pool! And what's the opposite of a low neckline? High neck!

Rule #3 Cover your knees up

Avoid any dress or legwear that reveals your knees throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan. Hot pants are a HUGE no-no, as are dresses or skirts with slits up the side.

Instead, choose stylish comfort and opt for loose skirts, midi, and maxi lengths and flowy fabrics.

Other things to be mindful of

Like we've explained, if you can stick to the above 3 rules during Ramadan, there should be no problems - as you don't risk offending anyone fasting around you. The Ramadan dress code also includes rules against crop tops as well as mesh and/or opaque clothing that reveal a little too much. So ladies, keep those middrifts hidden!

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