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What to Wear During Ramadan in the UAE: Modest Styling Tips to Remember

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29 February 2024

What to wear during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Modesty in dress is essential during the Holy Month - not sure on what to wear? We're here to help.

When it comes to Ramadan fashion, the key is modesty. For Muslims and non-Muslims alike, everyone is expected to cover up more and dress more conservatively during the Holy Month.

Both genders should adhere to this dress code, and all should avoid revealing and tight clothing in particular. Not doing so could offend those who are fasting.

Don't panic, though - the dress code during Ramadan is easy to adhere to.

Our Pick of the Best Beauty Gift Sets for Ramadan

Posted on

6 May 2019

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for reflection and celebration.

It's also the time in which you can give back to your community, your family and your friends, and cherish them and your relationship with them.

An easy way to display your appreciation of a loved one is by gifting them with a token of thanks, to show them how much you care. Be it a family member or one of your girlfriends, now is a great time to give them a gift.

7 Maxi Outfits Perfect For Iftar This Ramadan

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23 April 2019

Iftar outfits for Ramadan 2019

In need of Iftar inspiration? Here are 10 outfit ideas for a stunning Iftar look for Ramadan 2019.

There's nothing quite like a Ramadan gathering - especially Iftars with friends and family throughout the Holy Month. And of course, we want to look our best for every Iftar. So to help inspire you for your Iftar outfits, we've curated some of the best, modest outifts for Ramadan this year from SHEIN.