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9 Ramadan Gifts Perfect For Your Hostess

Here's what gift you should bring to an iftar…

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7 April 2019

Ramadan 2018: Hostess Gifts

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The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for reflection and celebration, as it also focuses on giving back to the community and cherishing family and friends. This can include a giving thoughtful gift to your iftar host, thanking them for the lavish meal they have prepared or small gifts for your loved ones, to show them how much you care.

With a busy month full of iftar and suhoor invitations, you need to be prepared with gifts for your hostess during Ramadan –as you don’t want to be the sixth person to bring traditional dates (trust us your host has enough)! From personalised gift ideas to a token of your thanks, we have Ramadan gifts to inspire you this Holy Month.

It’s always polite to bring something special (no matter how small) for your host –especially during Ramadan, as here is our gift guide for Ramadan 2019

Marks & Spencer Taste Of Belgium Gift Bag

Price: AED 149

Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Traditional Arabic Mini Serving Board Gift Set

Price: AED 220
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Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Tranquility -Soy Candle

Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Decoration One, Gold Calligraphy Two Tier Cake Stand

Price: AED 310

Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Dream Big Artwork

Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Ramadan Kareem, Tea Bag Calendar Box

Price: AED 700

Ramadan 2018: Gifts

From newbyteas.ae

Family Scrabble Frame

Price: AED 190
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Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Handmade Camel Maze Tray

Price: AED 299
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Ramadan 2018: Gifts

Maison des Fleurs, Ramadan Flower Box

Price: AED 749

Ramadan 2018: Gifts

From Maison des Fleurs