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In Pics: Inside a Newly Renovated Villa in The Lakes

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24 March 2020

With a new eclectic and contemporary design, this villa in The Lakes is outstanding.

No stranger to upscale, luxurious fit-outs, Dubai-based interior design company New Evolution has yet again taken a humble Dubai villa and given it a new lease of life.

Located in The Lakes, Emirates Hills, their latest project combines and eclectic and contemporary design both inside and out, designed to consider the existing art collection of the owners that would create a perfect symbiosis between all.

How to Make Your Home an Instagram Hit in 6 Simple Steps

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4 February 2020

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How to Make Your Home an Instagram Hit in 6 Simple Steps

If you love your home, you want to show it off – which these days, of course, means posting fab shots on Instagram.

Some of us are apparently so keen to win those likes that we’ll even cheat with ‘fake’ posts! In a survey for the Ideal Home Show, one in six people confessed to having posted an image of someone else’s home and pretended it was theirs. Plus, 18% of the 18-24-year-olds quizzed said they wouldn’t buy a house if they didn’t think it would impress on social media.

4 Unusual Ways to Style Your Christmas Poinsettia

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16 December 2019

4 Unusual Ways to Style Your Christmas Poinsettia

Rather than bung your festive poinsettia in a boring pot and wait for it to wilt, why not add the colourful bracts to Christmas table decorations, place settings and hanging ornaments?

Celebrate throughout the festive season by doing something different with them.

More colours are now available, from the traditional red to salmon pink and cool white, meaning the number one houseplant over the festive season is more versatile than it used to be.

The Unusual Things Marie Kondo Wants You to Buy

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21 November 2019

Marie Kondon e-commerce website

Marie Kondo, aka the Queen of Tidying Up and pioneer of the decluttering movement, has a new venture; her own e-commerce site.

Through her books and Netflix show, Kondo has taught us to throw out anything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’, and now she appears to have some ideas on what to buy to fill that space.

The irony of this hasn’t been lost on people on Twitter…

Graduates Present Solutions for a Better World at Dubai Design Week

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23 October 2019

Global Grad Show at Dubai Design Week 2019

Global Grad Show, the world's largest and most diverse gathering of universities, will return to Dubai.

Happening from November 12 - 16, the show will partner with the Investment Corporation of Dubai for the 2nd time in for its 5th edition.

This year, the show received applications from over 200 universities - which is double the number for 2018!

Dubai Design Week to Highlight the Best of Middle Eastern Design

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14 October 2019

Dubai Design Week 2019

The region's largest creative festival in the Middle East will offer a varied program of 200+ events...

Staged in partnership with Dubai Design District (d3) and supported by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (DCAA) and Audi Middle East, the fifth edition of Dubai Design Week will spotlight the design identity of the UAE and the wider region through diverse representations of local and international creative efforts.

The Middle East's Leading Design Trade Show Returns This November

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7 October 2019

Downtown Design 2019

The region's leading design trade fair is returning this November, and will represent international brands from 30+ countries.

Downtown Design is set to return for 2019, will take place from 12 - 15 November, as part of Dubai Design Week.

Recognised as the leading platform in the Middle East for original, high-quality design, Downtown Design unites international brands with the regional design community, strengthening Dubai as a central meeting point for creatives.

7 Bright Design Tricks to Maximise Light in Your Home

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16 July 2019

7 Bright Design Tricks to Maximise Light in Your Home

Ask any interior designer: Light is one of – if not the – most important consideration in the layout of a home.

Quite apart from being essential (cooking in the dark is not advised), light provides the framework for a home’s aesthetic, and the foundation for its – to use a technical term – ambience.

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve feng shui-ed your cellar – if it’s lit by a single, flickering bulb, it’s still going to feel like the set of a horror movie.

4 Ways to Break the Decor Rules and Rock a Boho Vibe at Home

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1 July 2019

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4 Ways to Break the Decor Rules and Rock a Boho Vibe at Home

If you love breaking the decor rules and flying free with your style, then ‘boho’ is surely the way to go.

There’s no bigger fan of this creative, expressive approach than glamorous international stylist, Fifi O’Neill. The author and decor expert lives the look in her own homes – and has travelled the world seeking out the best examples of boho interiors for her new book, Global Bohemian: How To Satisfy Your Wanderlust At Home.

It’s packed with ideas and tips, and a brilliant starting point for anyone curious about going boho.