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Here's How To Tile Your Own Splashbacks

Posted on

17 October 2018

Here's How To Tile Your Own Splashbacks

When it comes to DIY, some rooms are easier to tackle than others. Kitchens are best left to the experts, and bathrooms (aside from a bit of resealing) can often be the same.

One easy update that is pretty simple to do, however, is splashbacks. They sit behind the sink and are essential to stop water being sprayed everywhere when hands, fruit, vegetables and whatnot are washed. It is tiling, but it tends to be quite a small area, so should be achievable for most people.

Top Kitchen Style Trends For 2019 And How To Work Them

Posted on

16 October 2018

Top Kitchen Style Trends For 2019

It’s the heart of any home –especially now that it’s where many of us congregate not only to eat but also to catch up and socialise –which is why choosing the right kitchen style is so important. So what’s on the menu for kitchen trends in 2019?

“Industrial style is very much in vogue and still will be next year,” predicts Rachael Burgess, creative director at Contour Kitchens, based in the United Kingdom.

A Guide To Customised Furniture In Dubai

Posted on

17 September 2018

Customised Furniture In Dubai

Looking for the perfect piece of furniture to compliment the layout of your home? Here’s our guide to finding custom made furniture in Dubai…

A home is made by adding personal touches that express our style in a completely unique way. Interior design is built upon individuality; as every home should reflect the family or person living within it. However, it can be difficult to find good quality furniture that isn’t mass produced and doesn’t come with a huge price tag –especially in Dubai!

Introducing New Evolution: Luxury Interior Design In Dubai

Posted on

30 August 2018

New Evolution: Interior Design Company in Dubai

Dubai-based fit-out company New Evolution, is a British owned and managed company providing a high-end, quality service based on 12 years of experience in Dubai, and over 20 years' experience in the UK. Having completed a large portfolio of more than 850 design projects in the UAE, we are a well-established firm, offering both elite residential and commercial interior services, as well as landscaping.

Bring Spring Into Your Dubai Home With Faux Floral Arrangements

Posted on

24 April 2018

Faux Florals Dubai

Invite the essence of spring into your décor with faux floral arrangements that could include orchids, roses or pink peonies, to create a botanical haven that looks just like the real thing. Spring is the best time of year to re-decorate and spruce up your home, as we have the perfect way to bring nature indoors and give your space a fresh feeling.

How To Decorate Your Home This Easter

Posted on

29 March 2018

Easter Decorations for the home

Easter isn’t all about the kids and chocolate eggs, as the spring occasion is for gathering with friends and family, sharing good food and making memories. Whether you’re hosting a family meal or planning an Easter party, or you just want to join in on the festivities, we have ways to introduce chic Easter décor into your home –just in time for Good Friday!