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10 Fabulous NYE Party Themes

Are you throwing a house party this NYE?

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24 December 2020

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10 Fabulous NYE Party Themes

The new year is almost knocking on the door but don't just panic yet!

There’s still time to transform your home into a New Year’s Eve venue your family or housemates will rave about.

To help you celebrate safely and remotely, we have some easy to implement theme ideas that won't stress you out while you create the perfect place to welcome the new year in style.

1. A Glittery Goodbye

What's a new year without some glitz and glamour? Gell dolled up in the shiniest clothes you own and ask your guest to add as many sequins as they can! Set the party mood by sprinkling every room in the house with trails of disco fairy lights and confetti.

2. The Outdoor Affair

Make sure the party vibe continues outdoors by decorating your garden or patio area with strings of colourful fairy lights, paper lanterns and balloons. On the stroke of midnight, everyone can converge out there to enjoy the firework displays or just greet neighbouring partygoers a happy new year!

3. Detoxifying 2020

We can all agree that 2020 was a whirlwind of a year. There is no better time to start the detox process than the new year party itself! Throw on your PJs and arrange a relaxing spa party for your girlfriends. Grab some organic skincare products, veggie snacks, smoothies and pamper your way into 2021.

4. One Last Night of Indulgence

Opposite to detox is one night of pure decadence. Take the sting out of the farewell by giving everyone at home a night of guilt-free vice. Find out what their honest resolutions and prepare to break them. Pile up loads of fried foods, sweet desserts and of course, non-stop drinks.

5. A Festive Feast

Delicious, mouth watering and heavenly food can turn even the most boring party into a memorable one. Add some delectable new year desserts, party favourite dishes and of course, some drinks. For more fun, you can also add party horns, candies and a cake with "2020" to symbolise the end of the year.

6. The Best of 2020

2020 was a challenging year, but there were some great moments as well. Pay homage to a year well spent in a unique style. Ask your guest to dress up as their favourite moments of 2020.

Imagine seeing someone dress like Kamala Harris in her now-famous "We did it, Joe!' moment or better yet, as Lizzo when she crushed it on the flute at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Source: @kamalaharris on Instagram

7. Selfie Station

If there is a perfect time for the most memorable, fun, crazy and hilarious selfies, it is the New Year's Eve. You can set up a Selfie Station, which is essentially a camera attached to a selfie stick and placed high up on a table in the living room. Get your guests to take the most outrageous selfies using the timer function on the camera. Use a wide lens to accommodate the biggest groups.

8. The Resolution Board

This is a fun way to get conversations going at your party. Simply set up a cork board for all guests to put up their new year resolutions for all to see. Hand every guest a post-it note when they arrive and encourage them to put up their new year resolutions. Whether real, fake, crazy or outlandish, these resolutions will surely add fun to the party.

9. The Gatsby Gala

The Great Gatsby has inspired us to throw a retro style theme party that Fitzgerald himself would be proud to attend. From the name to the location and even the silverware, let every detail speak of your glamour and opulence. And don't forget the golden chandelier!

image credit: imdb.com

image credit: imdb.com

10. The Countdown Watch

The countdown to the new year is the most anticipated and fun part of the evening. Set aside a table and decorate it with a variety of clocks and timepieces. Set the alarm for 12 midnight and make sure guests can gather around when the year comes to a close.