Here's Where You Can Donate Iftar Meals in Dubai This Ramadan |

Here's Where You Can Donate Iftar Meals in Dubai This Ramadan

A list of authorised charities in Dubai where you can donate iftar meals during Ramadan 2024

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22 February 2024

Last updated on 21 March 2024
Where to donate Ramadan 2024 iftar meals in Dubai

Give to the needy during Ramadan with our handy guide.

The Holy Month of Ramadan in Dubai is a time for prayer, reflection, and charity for many. While Muslims fast from sunrise until sunset, there are many who are unable to break their fast with a good meal due to their financial situations.

To celebrate the spirit of community and generosity this Ramadan 2024, we round up a list of licensed charities and humanitarian groups in Dubai where you can give your support in the form of an iftar meal with just a few taps on your device.

Dar Al Ber Society

Dar Al Ber Society is one of the oldest established UAE charities. This Ramadan, you can help bring iftar meals to those in need within the UAE and outside of the country for as little as AED 10 and upwards to AED 200.

You can donate online through the official Dar Al Ber Society website, by SMS text message, through Bank Transfer, or via the DubaiNow app (available on the App Store and the Google Play store).

How to donate Ramadan iftar meals to charity in Dubai

Dubai Charity Association

For just AED 15, you can help break someone's fast this Ramadan 2024 through the Dubai Charity Association.

Their Ramadan iftar donation drive will deliver iftar and suhoor meals to those in need both locally and internationally, by setting up iftar tables in mosques and residential areas.

You can support by donating online through Dubai Charity's official website or by bank transfer.

Emirates Red Crescent Society

Another way you can donate Ramadan iftars in Dubai is through the Emirates Red Crescent Society of the UAE, which is an affiliate of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

This long-established non-profit in the UAE has multiple Ramadan donation projects for UAE residents to partake in, including offering iftar to the needy, Ramadan food boxes, and you can even go bigger with an iftar tent.

Where to donate iftar meals in Dubai for Ramadan 2024

Tarahum Charity Foundation

Tarahum Charity Foundation has several humanitarian initiatives and charity projects to help people in need, including donation drives for Ramadan.

You can choose to send an SMS donation or send your support online through Tarahum Charity Foundation's official website for Ramadan Food Boxes and fasting meals, which will be prepared and distributed daily to families in need, workers, and taxi drivers throughout the Holy Month.

Beit Al Khair Society

Support those in need this Ramadan 2024 in Dubai with Beit Al Khair Society's 'Feeding the Fasting' project, a charity initiative that delivers iftar meals to fasting workers and other eligible fasting people in Dubai and the rest of the Northern Emirates.

UAE residents can donate AED 15 per meal online through Beit Al Khair Society's website. Alternatively, you can also support their Ramadan iftar project via SMS donations, through bank transfers, or at any of the physical kiosks located throughout the UAE.

Editor's Note: The UAE has strict laws in place for charity and donations. We highly recommend supporting Ramadan projects from licensed/approved initiatives and non-profits only.