How to Claim ILOE Job Loss Insurance Benefits in the UAE |

How to Claim UAE Job Loss Insurance: Eligibility and Step-by-Step Guide

Out of a job in the UAE? If you've already subscribed to ILOE, you may be eligible to claim your involuntary job loss insurance

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19 June 2024

Last updated on 20 June 2024
How to claim UAE involuntary job loss insurance

Here's everything you need to know.

In case of job loss, eligible workers in the UAE who have paid for an ILOE insurance policy are entitled to receive a benefit amount during their period of involuntary unemployment.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, let our guide help you figure out how to claim job loss insurance in the UAE.

What is the ILOE scheme?

The ILOE scheme, or Involuntary Loss of Employment, is a mandatory insurance policy in the UAE that acts as a financial safety net to help support individuals who have lost their jobs. This only applies to full-time employed workers who left their job not out of their own free will.

Upon losing their job, those who have subscribed to an ILOE policy may be eligible for a sum payment based off their basic salary to help support him or her until they find employment again.

Who must subscribe to ILOE?

Getting an ILOE subscription is required in the UAE. If you fall under any of the below categories, you must get the insurance or risk a fine as penalty.

  • Full-time federal workers.
  • Full-time private sector workers.
  • Full-time free-zone employees.
How to claim UAE ILOE insurance after job loss

Who are not eligible to subscribe to ILOE?

Getting job loss insurance is not mandatory for the following categories, and those who choose to subscribe regardless will not receive any claim benefits.

  • Anyone below the age of 18.
  • Domestic Workers.
  • Investors or owners of the companies they work at.
  • Temporary contract workers.
  • Retirees who are entitled to a pension.

How to subscribe to the UAE's job loss insurance policy?

If you've determined that you are eligible to apply for the ILOE insurance scheme, here's how to subscribe and activate your policy:

  • Visit the official ILOE website:
  • Click on the 'Subscribe' button.
  • Choose the correct sector you are employed in: Private, Federal Government, or Non-Registered in MOHRE (free-zone employees, etc.) then click 'confirm'.
  • Sign in with your Emirates ID number and OTP code sent to your phone.
  • You will be taken to your ILOE insurance dashboard.
  • Select to pay for a new policy (you can choose to pay for the whole 12 months or in instalments).
  • Upon successfully subscribing, you will receive your ILOE insurance certificate and details by email.

How much does the job loss insurance cost?

There are two categories with their own monthly insurance premium installment costs.

  1. First Category: AED 5 per month if the Basic Salary/Wage is AED 16,000 or less
  2. Second Category: AED 10 per month if the Basic Salary/Wage is greater than AED 16,000
How to claim unemployment insurance benefits in the UAE

Who is eligible to claim job loss insurance in the UAE?

Those who meet the following criteria may be eligible to claim involuntary unemployment benefits in the UAE.

  • The insured must have paid all the insurance premiums.
  • The insured must prove that unemployment was involuntary. Workers who resigned are not eligible to claim ILOE benefits.
  • The dismissal from work must not be due to disciplinary reasons under the UAE Labour Law.
  • The insured must not have an existing abscondment complaint.
  • The ILOE subscription period of the insured shall not be less than passed 12 consecutive months.
  • The insured must be legally present in the UAE.
  • The claim must not be made through fraud or deception. The company the insured claimed to have worked for should not be a fictitious entity.
  • The loss of work should not be the result of non-peaceful "labour strikes or stoppages", whether resulted in damage or not.

How soon should I submit a claim?

The claim must be submitted within 30 days from the date of termination or the settlement of the labour complaint referred to the Court.

Should I cancel my work permit before I submit a claim?

Yes, before submitting a claim to receive job loss insurance benefits, the insured employee must first cancel his or her UAE work permit first.

How to claim job loss insurance benefits in the UAE

How to claim UAE ILOE insurance benefits?

  1. Go to the official ILOE online portal or open the ILOE app on your device.
  2. Click the 'Submit your claim' option.
  3. Sign in using your Emirates ID number and phone number.
  4. On the left-hand menu, click 'My Claims'.
  5. Select the 'Proceed to your Claim Process' button.
  6. Confirm the cancellation reason and the cancellation date.
  7. Optional: If the cancellation reason and date mentioned on the website are not correct, click 'No'. Under the Remarks section, provide an explanation on why it's not correct and upload supporting documents.
  8. Choose whether to add your bank details or Exchange House as the insurance claim payment transfer method.
  9. If you picked to receive your benefits by bank transfer, check that the IBAN Number, Account Number, and Account Holder Name you added are correct.
  10. If you picked to receive your benefits through an Exchange House, please note that you require a valid Emirates ID to receive payment.
  11. Review all details you provided, and once you're sure that the information is correct - click 'Submit Claim'.
  12. How can I keep track of my claim?

    Any updates regarding your job loss insurance claim will be sent to the registered email and phone number. You can also login to your ILOE portal anytime and check through the 'My Claims' tab.

    If you have any queries about ILOE, you are welcome to contact their Call Centre at: 600599555 or [email protected]