Get Expert Healthcare and Wellness Delivered to Your Doorstep in Dubai Within 30 Minutes |

Get Expert Healthcare and Wellness Delivered to Your Doorstep in Dubai Within 30 Minutes

AIMS Healthcare is here to elevate your wellness with comprehensive at-home healthcare services in Dubai

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11 December 2023

Last updated on 11 December 2023
Aims Healthcare Dubai

Personalised health treatments and expert care from the comfort of your own home in 30 minutes.

With 50 years of combined exceptional experience in the healthcare sector, the team at AIMS Healthcare is committed to bring compassionate and professional in-home healthcare assistance across Dubai.

"As pioneers in the field of home healthcare, since 2019, we are unwaveringly committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards of quality homecare through our DHA-certified and highly experienced medical team," said an AIMS Healthcare representative.

From diagnosis to recovery, rehabilitation, and fostering healthier lifestyles, AIMS Healthcare truly believes that wellness encompasses various facets of care.

Adding on, "We solely focus on offering personalised and reliable home care solutions in the United Arab Emirates, tailored to meet the needs of our valued patients."

A New Era of In-Home Healthcare in Dubai

Comprehensive Care

AIMS Healthcare goes beyond traditional offerings, providing a comprehensive range of home care services.

Call a doctor to your home in Dubai through AIMS Healthcare

Whether it's in-home doctor visits, physiotherapy at home, mother and child care, nurse-at-home services, the convenience of lab tests, or IV therapy, AIMS Healthcare brings all their services right to your doorstep.

"We understand that the well-being of your family is paramount, and that’s why our doctors and nurses undergo rigorous training to meet the necessary standards of competency and proficiency."

Patient-Centric Approach

AIMS Healthcare places patients at the heart of its services. With a commitment to personalised care, the team ensures that each patient receives tailored medical attention within the comfort of their home.

"We address any situation our valued patients may face with complete dedication and attention to detail. Our goal is to ease access to high-quality medical attention within the comfort of patients' homes, hotels, and offices."

Multidisciplinary Care Teams

AIMS Healthcare is enriched by a multidisciplinary care team, comprising of skilled doctors, physiotherapists, and nurses.

Holistic and specialised care is ensured for every patient through a collaborative approach.

"We always go beyond treatment, prioritising patient education. We also empower patients and their families to actively participate in their health management by delivering informative sessions for their wellbeing."

Quality Accreditation

Upholding the highest standards, AIMS Healthcare boasts accreditation from reputable healthcare bodies, with the entire medical team being DHA-Certified.

"We recognise that every individual is unique; therefore, we craft personalised wellness plans to meet patients’ needs in all possible ways. These plans not only help us address current health concerns but also focus on preventive measures, fostering long-term well-being."

At-home medical care in Dubai | AIMS Healthcare

AIMS Healthcare's philosophy

"Our philosophy revolves around redefining healthcare in Dubai as a personalised and accessible experience."

AIMS Healthcare supports the following principles:

  1. We believe we are responsible for delivering compassionate care and competence to all our patients.
  2. We believe our skills, competence, and professionalism are valuable to our patients.
  3. We continue to value each patient's dignity and recognize their uniqueness, regardless of their position, status, etc.

Service offerings that make AIMS Healthcare stand out:

  • 24/7 care, 365 days availability
  • DHA-Certified medical team
  • Comprehensive and personalised care
  • At your doorstep in 30 minutes

How can you avail services?

You just need to follow a simple 3-step process if you wish to avail services from AIMS Healthcare.

  1. Reach out to Aims Healthcare through Call/WhatsApp +971 50 543 6505 or email: [email protected]
  2. Choose the service you want to avail.
  3. DHA-certified medical professionals will be at your doorstep in 30 minutes.

AIMS Healthcare is not just a healthcare service provider but a partner in the well-being journey of Dubai's diverse population by seamlessly blending innovation, compassion, and cultural understanding.

"As the city continues to thrive, we remain dedicated to shaping a healthier, happier future for all."

So feel free to reach out, they stand as a testament to their commitment to elevating home healthcare standards in Dubai.

Aims Healthcare Dubai
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Welcome to AIMS Healthcare, where innovation meets compassion in the pursuit of holistic well-being. Founded in 2019, AIMS has evolved into a trailblazer in the home healthcare industry. Our patient-centric approach integrates cutting-edge technology with personalised care, ensuring a seamless healthcare experience. Specialising in doctor-on-call, physiotherapy at home, nursing at home, lab testing at home, mother and baby care, PCR testing, IV therapy drip and more, we are committed to enhancing lives. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals relentlessly strives for excellence, embodying our core values of integrity, empathy, and innovation. Join us on a transformative journey towards optimal health—because at AIMS Healthcare, we believe that every individual deserves a life of vitality.

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