Dubai Taxi Fares Will Increase in May 2024 After Jumps in Petrol Prices |

Head's Up! Dubai Taxi Fares Will Increase in May 2024

The Dubai Taxi Corporation announced that taxi fares will increase this month, attributed to the price hike of fuel

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10 May 2024

Last updated on 13 May 2024
Dubai taxi fares will increase in May 2024 | Dubai news

Expect to pay around 6% more on your taxi fare this month...

According to the Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) website, tariffs for all taxis (including airport taxis, street hails, and those booked via mobile apps Careem and S’hail) have risen from AED 1.97 per kilometre last month to AED 2.09 per kilometre this May.

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The jump in Dubai taxi fares is likely linked to the rising costs of fuel in the UAE, with petrol prices increasing each month since February this year. The beginning of 2024 saw AED 2.82 per litre compared to AED 3.34 per litre in May.

"Any change in taxi fares is a dynamic change based on the fluctuating fuel prices in the local market and is calculated based on fuel usage per kilometre," a Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) official previously informed Khaleej Times.

We last saw a change in the Dubai taxi fares back in January 2023, when petrol prices were reduced - leading the taxi tariff to lower from AED 2.19 per kilometre to AED 1.97 per kilometre.

Dubai taxi fares increase in May 2024 news

While the fare per kilometre distance travelled has been hiked up, the minimum taxi fares in Dubai remains the same, with AED 5 for cab hailed on the streets and AED 12 during peak times, airport taxis, and taxi bookings made via S'hail or Careem.

Dubai's taxi sector received around 198.4 million passengers and an estimated 114 million trips in 2023, according to a report by Intelligent Transport.