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Where to Order Same-Day Valentine's Day Flowers in the UAE

Gift flowers like a pro! A flower shop's top tips to picking the best Valentine's Day bouquet in the UAE

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30 January 2024

Last updated on 30 January 2024
Same day Valentine's Day flowers delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

Here's an expert's guide to getting it right every time…

UAE Valentine's Day 2024 is the perfect chance to show someone you love that you're thinking of them. Whether you're looking to impress your partner with a sweet and romantic gesture, or you want to remind a friend that you're just a phone call away, saying it with flower bouquets is guaranteed to get the message across.

Online flower delivery service Camelia Flowers sends beautiful and personalised same-day flower bouquet delivery to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

While a beautiful bouquet of blooms are always welcome, with a little extra thought you can customise your flowers to make them extra special. Check out five Valentine's Day flowers tips from the flower gurus!

1.) Vibrant Colour Palettes for Flowers

"This Valentine's Day, we're seeing a shift towards unconventional colour palettes," said Cynthia Sakkal, Customer Service Coordinator at Camelia Flowers.

"Think soft pastel pinks, deep purples, and even metallic accents like gold and silver, adding a modern twist to traditional arrangements," she added.

2.) Textured Valentine's Day Bouquets

The trend of textured bouquets is taking centre stage. Imagine lush, fluffy blooms, cascading vines, and soft foliage interwoven to create a sensory-rich experience, adding depth and visual appeal.

3.) Sustainable Flowers in the UAE

As environmental awareness grows, UAE residents and visitors are leaning towards ordering sustainably-sourced flowers and eco-friendly packaging.

If you're wondering where to order ethically sourced flowers in the UAE, Camelia Flowers' commitment to environmentally conscious practices ensures that every bouquet is a symbol of love and responsibility.

4.) Personalised Flower Language

Customise your Valentine's Day 2024 bouquet in the UAE to convey a personal message.

From selecting specific flowers symbolising love and friendship to creating arrangements that tell your unique love story, custom flower arrangements is the key to this year's UAE flower trends.

Same-day flower delivery to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

On top of a personalised bouquet and other unique gift ideas, Camelia Flowers offers same-day fresh flowers delivery to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so you can surprise your friends or loved ones with flowers for any special occasions.

Trust that their flowers will arrive in time for Valentine's Day 2024.

5.) Artistic and Asymmetrical Designs

Say goodbye to traditional symmetry. Camelia Flowers' designers are embracing asymmetrical designs, crafting arrangements that flow organically, reflecting the beauty of nature in its most artistic form.

Order now at +971 2207 2227 or visit Camelia Flowers' official website.

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