Build Your Child's Education Your Way, With King's InterHigh |

Build Your Child's Education Your Way, With King's InterHigh

Learn from anywhere in the globe with King's InterHigh, the UK's leading online school

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15 February 2024

Last updated on 4 March 2024
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As an expatriate mum in the Middle East, you understand the value of exposing your child to different cultures and experiences. But taking your kids on educational overseas trips can be a challenge when you’re limited to peak school holiday seasons.

Experience education that revolves around your family’s travel plans with King’s InterHigh. At the UK's leading online school, your child has the flexibility to learn from Dubai, or anywhere in the world so neither your child’s education nor your travel plans have to take a backseat.

1. Accredited online teaching experts

King's InterHigh teachers are UK and internationally qualified experts who specialise in online education.

With over 18 years of experience, King's InterHigh is an independent British online learning school with a UK-based curriculum custom-built for students between the ages of 7 to 18 for Primary to Sixth Form/A Level.

2. Structured, interactive and accessible online curriculum

Lessons are structured just like a regular school, allowing your child to interact with the teacher and other students via a sophisticated cloud-based learning platform. Plus, students are taught via live interactive lessons conducted across three time zones for added flexibility: UK (GMT), Middle East (GMT +4) and Southeast Asia (GMT +7).

Unavoidable clash in schedule? Not an issue—your child can still access lessons and curriculum easily anytime, from anywhere in the world as every lesson is recorded. As an added bonus, your child can revisit more challenging subjects anytime to learn at their own pace.

A young student experiencing alternative online education at home with VR or AR headset

3. Always innovating

Beyond their subject expertise, King's InterHigh teachers excel in cutting-edge teaching methods. With the use of AI and VR, their educational content comes alive, creating engaging and interactive experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your children.

Additionally, King's InterHigh now offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in virtual reality, a result of extensive research, testing, and curation by their teachers.

A young student at home, participating in online British education as an alternative way of learning

4. Track record in online examination

Students can opt to take the IGCSEs exams online, and have done so with flying colours. King's InterHigh's curriculum prepares them not only for entry to UK and international universities, but also sets them up for success in their future careers.

Furthermore, King's InterHigh is now in talks with relevant exam boards to provide students with the ability to take their A Level exams online as well.

A group of students sitting around a table with their laptops open for online lessons at home

5. Extensive international exchange and networking opportunities

As part of the Inspired Education Group, the world’s leading community of prestigious private schools, King’s InterHigh students can supplement their online learning experience with exchanges, summer camps, virtual events, and in-person activities at over 110 premium international schools across 5 continents.

6. A school outside of just school

"At King’s InterHigh, we pride ourselves on setting up our students for life."

Be it their prestigious campuses, world class partners (e.g. Real Madrid Foundation), or invaluable access to exclusive activities across the world, your child will receive an all-rounded education that extends beyond traditional school walls.

Wish to find out more? Read the prospectus, send an enquiry below, or follow King's InterHigh on Facebook and Instagram.

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