Dubai Influencers to Receive AED 150 Million in Government Support |

Dubai Dedicates AED 150 Million Government Support Fund For Influencers

A permanent headquarters for influencers will also be established in Dubai

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12 January 2024

Last updated on 15 January 2024
Dubai influencers fund news

Ever wanted to be a content creator? Now's the perfect time.

A government fund of AED 150 million (around USD 40.8 million) will be allocated to support influencers in Dubai, announced Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the UAE's Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

During the 1 Billion Followers Summit organised by the New Media Academy, HH Sheikh Mohammed unveiled the news to provide year-round support for influencers in Dubai, and to establish a permanent headquarters to help influencers develop creative and impactful content.

The fund aims to transform the emirate's digital media sector by helping grow influencers' platforms/businesses, showcase local talent, and support content creators by elevating them to global levels.

"Today we [...] announced the support of content creators with a fund worth 150 million dirhams and the establishment of a permanent headquarters for them to develop their skills and capabilities and bring them to global levels," Sheikh Mohammed posted on X (formerly Twitter).

He also highlighted that content creators play a significant role in presenting the UAE's stories, traditions, culture, creativity, and achievements with the world.

The project is a collaboration between the UAE Government Media Office and the New Media Academy, with the goal to bring together local content creators and influencers, providing them the support and resources to produce high-quality media.

The fund and project also offers content creators and influencers the opportunity to gain expertise, learn and improve skills, and even technical support.