UAE Announces New Fuel Prices For May 2024 |

UAE Announces New Fuel Prices For May 2024

UAE officials have confirmed the petrol prices for the month of May 2024, aligning with global rates

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29 April 2024

Last updated on 30 April 2024
UAE May 2024 fuel prices news

Drivers! Keep in mind for May...

The UAE has revealed petrol prices for May 2024 to align them with global rates, and well... expect to pay more to tank up your car this month.

Petrol prices in the UAE have increased for the fourth consecutive month, attributed to the increase in global oil prices after military conflicts between Iran and the occupying territories of Israel saw further tension in April.

Motorists who commute often and drivers for companies must adjust to the new prices for fuel in the UAE.

May 2024 fuel prices in the UAE

These are the updated petrol and diesel costs in the UAE for May 2024.

  • 98 Super will cost AED 3.34 per litre in May, previously AED 3.15
  • 95 Special increased to AED 3.22 a litre, compared to AED 3.03 last month
  • E-Plus 91 will be charged at AED 3.15 per litre, up from AED 2.96 in April
  • Diesel has gone down to AED 3.07, previously AED 3.09 last month

The new prices for June 2024 is expected to be announced on Friday May 31.