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Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Spa

It's not like you should need persuading, but if you do have a spare hour or two, here's why you should spend it in the spa.

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23 July 2013

Last updated on 29 May 2017
Top 10 Reasons to Go to the Spa

You probably already have a good reason to visit a spa - to relieve stress, lose weight, get in shape or just to treat yourself. And in case you haven't realized, there are just as many different spas and treatments as there are reasons to go.Keep in mind that ultimately the spa experience is about one thing: You. If you work hard each and every day, its time you give yourself a break.

Going to a spa is a good way to relax and release the stress that has been building up for the last few months or years.

1. Destress

The basic advantage that you get from visiting a spa is good break from your daily boring routine or stressfull lifestyle. Spa can surely bring change in your whole busy schedule and you become fresh and energetic to deal with further stress. Every type of treatment or service, including massage and body work, can help you relax and decompress.  Even just sitting in a jacuzzi, steam shower or sauna, amenities a lot of spas,  can help you to relieve stress. After the treatments many spas offer you to stay in their relaxation area, where you can read a book and have some green tea in a quiet relaxing atmosphere.

2. Detox

Some massages and facials break down the toxins in your body so drink plenty of water to flush them out of your system. Many spas in Abu Dhabi also offer special detox treatments (such as detox wrap, detoxifying facial, hammam) or have the option of a detox diet to cleanse you from the inside out.

3. Get Healthy

Spa treatments aren’t just for your appearance’s sake, they can be good for your health too. Many services, such as heat therapy, hydrotherapy, massage and body treatments, help to improve circulation and reduce blood pressure. Sauna and other heat related therapies, as well as massage, can help to improve your breathing.

4. Spend good time with your with your loved ones

Spas also allow you to spend some quality time with your friends or family. In the Middle East female and male spa areas are separated, but some spas offer private couple rooms for treatments, so you can have a relaxing experience together. Much easier in Abu Dhabi is to spend quality time with your mom, daughter or sister or to have fun with your girlfriends as you can use all spa areas together. Some spa salons offer you a discount if you bring a friend.

5. Pamber yourself pretty

Sometimes it is nearly impossible to take the time out at home to put on a face mask or get around to that pedicure. Designated time at a spa means you will get your beauty chores taken care of thoroughly and without having to lift a finger yourself. Treatments, such as facials and other skin care services, as well as body treatments, target skin problems to keep you looking your best. Body wraps and maroccan bath will remove dead skin and make your skin glow.


6. Pain management

Most of treatments of spas help to get rid of pain, arthritis signs and fibroymyalgia. Massage helps to relieve you from stress and tension in muscles.

7. Anti-Aging

Taking care of your body, mind and skin helps to ward off the aging process. You can follow some treatments like facial or other services for skin and body. These effective treatments are usually offered by spa which focuses on skin problems that can keep you look your best.

8. Prevent future problems

Prevent all manner of future problems with specialised spa treatments. Whether a simple anti-ageing facial or an alternative medicine full body overhaul, spas are now focusing on prevention just as much as pampering. Have your health assessed and treated accordingly at a specialist spa – regular relaxing treatments now are far more appealing than the surgeon’s knife and expensive, ineffective creams in the future.

9. Learn something new

During your pampering time you are sure to learn something new - about yourself, about your body, about a certain product or technique. A good therapist will be able to give you tips in regards to any health or wellbeing concerns you might have. Spas in Abu Dhabi offer a wide range of different therapies: Oriental, Thai, Indian Ayurvedic, Western and much more. You will always find something new you might like to try.

10. Switch off

Some health spa resorts ban all mobile phones, laptops, television, radio and newspapers for the duration of your visit. It may sound inconceivable but that’s all the more reason to do it. Shut out all the noise, the world won’t end if you take a well-deserved break from it once in a while.