Job Interview DONT'S in the UAE: An Expat Guide |

Have a Job Interview? Here's What NOT To Do

Have an interview lined up in the UAE? Here's five things that you shouldn't do at any point before or during your interview

Have a Job Interview in the UAE? Here's What NOT To Do

Five important tips to keep in mind during a job interview in the UAE.

When it comes to job hunting in the UAE, there are some major don'ts that you must always be aware of to ensure you don't jeopardise your opportunity.

Bear in mind that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a Muslim country that holds conservative values and cultural norms highly, which is evident across all aspects of life here.

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As expats moving to and living here, we must ensure we respect the UAE's culture and the locals who live here at all times, and that also applies to when you're applying for a job here.

So to help make sure you're prepared for your upcoming job interview in the UAE, here's five pieces of advice to make sure you don't ruin your chances.

1. DON'T dress inappropriately.

Like we said, the UAE is a Muslim country, and so dress codes are in place to ensure all people working here are respectful. Make sure you dress appropriately for your interview; if you turn up in the wrong outfit, you risk causing a bad first impression and potentially even insulting somebody here. The hiring manager may be inclined to turn you away, and you'll risk not having an interview all together.

2. DON'T bring a drink in with you.

Not only is it unprofessional, but it will also distract you from the interview. You want to be focused on answering the questions and maintain good eye contact.

By bringing a drink with you, it also creates the opportunity for you to spill the drink or miss a question. You can quench your thirst afterwards.

3. DON'T use your phone at any point.

Make sure your phone is turned off before you head into the interview, or in silent mode, and ensure that it won't be able to create any distractions for you mid-way through the interview.

Not only is it rude to text during an interview, but it will also send a clear message to the employer that you are not interested in the job.

Tips for job interviews in the UAE

4. DON'T lie on your CV.

This is a HUGE no-no! By fibbing on your resume, you risk the interviewer asking you questions that you may not be able to answer confidently and correctly.

To prevent a lack of confidence for yourself, instead read through your CV prior to the interview to refresh your memory so it is easier for you to recall the facts when you're potentially asked about them.

5. DON'T talk too much.

For those of you who tend to ramble on when nervous, this may be easier said than done. Just remember to breathe, and remain calm.

By talking too much, you risk either boring or frustrating the interviewer. They don't need to know your whole life story; they are only interested in the aspects related to the work.

Ensure that your answers are kept concise and to the point to avoid rambling on. It is important that the interview is kept professional, and that you do not delve into personal details about your home life.