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The other Lady D asks aslo

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18/03/2012 19:24:26
Does anyone know or has anybody seen any Robinsons squosh lately as i cant find any anywhere? Alternatively is there a foreign squosh that i just dont know about (although not orange im allergic)?
Sorry LadyD have not seen any of your tea but will certainly keep a look out.


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18/03/2012 22:00:47
Megamart normally has robinsons fruit & barley.
C4 has their own brand of squash- in a metal bottle container more square in shape than a juice bottle and next to the grenadine et al. They normally always have lemon, orange & couple other flavours. I like the blackcurrant, tastes like ribena, but it's in stock more sporadically.

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18/03/2012 23:47:16
I bought some about an hour ago in mini Megamart. You might be missing it, as they've re-formulated it to be a lot more concentrated and it's in much smaller bottles, usually on a different shelf now (below where it used to be). It still tastes as good, you just need to be careful not to make it too strong now! The bottles are short and fat.

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19/03/2012 11:08:17
Thank you ladies i will head off and hopefully get some.

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19/03/2012 19:53:06
Again, Marks and Spencer also keep some nice squash bottles. Tray the Villagio store, and no, I do not work for M&S!!!

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19/03/2012 20:49:16
Thanks IndyGal never even though of M & S but will go have a look.

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20/03/2012 11:38:35
I used to buy them in Carrefour or Megamart or Lulu any branch but they have not had any for the last month! Was hoping they were somewhere else i had not been to. I guess it another stock problem.

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