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6 Food Items That DON’T Belong In Your Fridge

Just don't put them in there

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22 March 2017

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Call it natural instinct or pure laziness; we tend to treat our refrigerators as safety-havens for all things food and drinks. We buy them and we dump them — at least that’s what most of us are guilty of. 

What we fail to realise is that a lot of food items should never be kept in the fridge. Here is a quick guide for your help: 

1. Tomatoes

Love the fresh tangy and juicy flavour of tomatoes? Then don’t leave them in the fridge. The cold air alters the textures of ripe tomatoes, making them soft and mushy from the outside. Keep them in a basket at a room temperature. 

2. Onions 

Even if you ignore the onslaught of the pungent odour, the moisture in the fridge will turn your onions soft and mouldy from the inside. 

3. Open Cans 

Open Cans
Ever noticed how the taste of an open can of a soft drink changes when kept in the fridge? That’s because the cold causes metals to leach into the food. 
Always transfer the leftovers in an air tight bottle or box before putting them in the fridge. 

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4. Bananas 

Bananas retain their natural flavour best when left outside. The cold temperature inside the fridge dampens their ripeness and facilitates rotting.  

5. Bread 

Unless used in a sandwich, bread should never be kept in the fridge. The dough tends to turn chewy and stale when left at a cold temperature. 

6. Honey 

There is a reason honeybees don’t thrive in cold temperature. The cold air changes the consistency of the liquid by changing the level of sugar crystallisation thus making it difficult to drizzle or scoop out.