From Baking Gingerbread To Failing At Cabbage Soup, These Are Rachel Khoo’s Food Memories |

From Baking Gingerbread To Failing At Cabbage Soup, These Are Rachel Khoo’s Food Memories

Ella Walker speaks to the cookery book writer about her food highs and lows

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23 January 2019

Ella Walker

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Food writer and presenter Rachel Khoo made her mark on the food world when she moved to Paris in her 20s to study patisserie at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cookery school. While there she started a tiny supper club in her equally tiny apartment, which led to her debut cookbook, The Little Paris Kitchen.

Her latest recipe collection has seen her turn to Sweden, her husband’s home country, for inspiration, in The Little Swedish Kitchen. Between the draw of fika (cake and coffee) and Swedish crayfish parties, she let us in on her strongest recollections of food…

Khoo’s Earliest Food Memory…

“Eating bananas!” she says brightly, before pondering: “Or when I was at primary school, my mum invited my friend over and we baked gingerbread – my mum did a lot of baking with me.”

Her Culinary High Moment…

“I pinch myself every day,” she says happily. “I’ve got my book, yesterday I was in Devon filming with the BBC and I got to eat a Devonshire cream tea and ice cream – I was like, ‘Oh my god [this is my job!]’.

“I have lots of little highlights, and what I’m trying to do more of in my life now is to celebrate the little things, otherwise you end up being work, work, work, and you don’t really enjoy it. I’m trying to be more aware and enjoy the process.”

Her Ultimate Kitchen Disaster…

“When I was writing this cookbook I was testing a lot, and I was trying to make a really tasty cabbage soup,” she remembers wryly. “It was awful, there’s no way of making a tasty cabbage soup, I failed completely. If anyone has a recipe, send it my way. I have not succeeded.”

The Little Swedish Kitchen by Rachel Khoo is published by Michael Joseph. Photography David Loftus. Available online now.