How to Make Your Mum Feel Like A Queen in 20 Mins |

How to Make Your Mum Feel Like a Queen in 20 Mins

Cause secretly, we all want to be the favourite child

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26 March 2017

Mother's day recipes

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How many times do you tell your mum that you love her? Certainly not enough to match the number of times she changed your diapers. No matter the religion, colour, caste or creed, the nurturing love of a mother is as universal, selfless and endless as the blue sky.

The UAE witnesses Mother’s Day on March 21st every year and March 26th is Mothering Sunday in the UK. Plus, countries like Canada celebrate in May, so basically, the beginning of every year is pretty much dedicated to mums across the world.

Of course, whichever you celebrate it on, the day is an ideal opportunity to do something for the woman whose major goal in life is to make sure that you eat well and sleep soundly.

Whether you’re super busy or just an amateur in the kitchen territory, these easy yet hearty breakfast-in-bed combos will make her feel like the queen of her own kingdom.

The good part? It will take you less than 20 minutes and its crumb-free (imagine your mum’s happiness on just the latter part).

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Sausages

Every mum deserves to enjoy a lie-in without having to worry about the type of eggs to cook today. And when it comes to taste, ease and speed, scrambled eggs have no competition. Melt a good dash of butter and pour in 2 beaten eggs, add some cheddar cheese for extra flavour and you have a winner on the table… Just like that!

Sautee some mushrooms in the same pan, add a spoonful of cooking cream and seasonings. Drizzle it on top of some store-bought sausages and wait for that big smile on your mum’s face.

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Sausages

Nutella Stuffed Pancakes

Nobody says no to Nutella — not even our dear mothers. Satisfy her sweet tooth with some buttermilk pancakes and a good drizzle of Nutella sauce.

Yoghurt with Honey and Fruits

If you've got to make it healthy, what's better than yoghurt and a handful of dried fruits to make up for the nutrients? Compliment this hearty meal with a fresh pot of coffee or tea.

Get some fresh flowers, a little décor on the tray and you’re ready to sweep her off her feet.