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A Dietitian Reveals 5 Healthy and Affordable Breakfast Swaps

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7 August 2019

A Dietitian Reveals 5 Healthy and Affordable Breakfast Swaps

If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle, breakfast is a good place to start. It’s the first meal of the day, which means it can often set the tone for how and what you eat later in the afternoon.

That said, most of us live busy lives and – no matter what health bloggers on Instagram might portray – plating up a gourmet breakfast every morning isn’t always realistic. Not only are we often short of time, but plenty of trendy breakfast ‘health’ foods like chia seeds, avocado and nuts are expensive to eat day-in day-out.

11 Romantic Breakfast Ideas For the Month of February

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23 January 2018

Romantic Breakfast Ideas For Valentine’s Day

We all know that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, as a special breakfast on Valentine’s Day will instantly make you feel the love and also impress your partner! Breakfast in bed is the perfect start to any day, but it should definitely be a Valentine’s Day tradition as what could be more perfect than heart-shaped pancakes and a card from your loved one.

5 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls For Summer Mornings

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10 June 2017

7 Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

Food bowls are all the rage these days. Noodles, veggies, fruits or sushi, you name it; everything tastes better when served in a bowl. Now, this could be due to their gluten-free raw quality or simply because they look awfully gorgeous on Instagram.

Smoothie bowls, like all other bowls, are spamming our Insta-wall and for all the right reasons. They’re quick to make, no cooking required (literally), healthy and did we mention their ability to bring you 1000 likes in an hour?

5 Irresistible Breakfast Toast Ideas For Suhoor Meals

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4 June 2017

 Breakfast Toast Ideas For Suhoor Meals

We all promised ourselves a healthy Ramadan — no fried pakoras, no fizzy drinks and no skipping suhoor meals. But let’s face it, so far all we’ve done is eat fried items, drink sodas and skip suhoor.

While the first two are still (somewhat) achievable, waking up for suhoor meals requires a lot more than self-restraint. Lack of sleep combined with post-iftar bloating makes it impossible to wake up in the in the middle of the night.

This Blogger Lost Upto 40 Lbs After Drinking These 3 Smoothies

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19 May 2017

Weight loss smoothie recipes

Real, sustainable weight loss is not about following a crazy fad diet, but about making healthier choices, eating in balanced proportions and consuming weight reducing beverages and smoothies, whenever you can.

In case you're looking for some inspiration, watch this interesting video by popular YouTube blogger, @Liezl Jayne Strydom and follow three simple smoothie recipes.

In this video, Liezl Jayne Strydom talks about how she lost 40 lbs by simply consuming three healthy smoothies.

10 Ways to Make Your Daily Eggs Less Boring

Posted on

18 May 2017

Breakfast egg recipes

Let's admit it, most of us here would rather grab a quick cup of coffee from the nearest shop than spend 10 minutes to make a healthy breakfast for ourselves. And that's AFTER fully understanding the importance of the first meal of the day.

Why? Well, 1. We are lazy. 2. We get bored at the sight of same old boring eggs, every day.

But guess what? Eggs are far from boring. This nature's protein-filled goodie is as versatile as a food can be. Scrambled, fried, boiled, baked — the options are endless.

38 One-Minute Recipes That REALLY Taste Great

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18 May 2017

38 One-Minute Recipes

Yep, we too scoffed at the idea of cooking ANY edible food in 1 minute given how peeling a stubborn banana sometimes takes more than a minute.

You too, can doubt and scoff all you want, but the fact is: You CAN make yummy food without spending hours in the kitchen.

Of course, some obvious food items (rice, meat, pasta) are way out of our 1-minute deadline, but these genius recipes are more about being kitchen-creative and knowing what flavours (and food items) work best with each other than actually cooking them.

10 Yummy Breakfasts From Around The World

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22 April 2017

Yummy Breakfasts From Around The World

It's 8 am in the morning. Somewhere in the world, someone is having breakfast that’s TOTALLY opposite to your first meal.

For some, it could be a quick cup of black coffee, for others — it’s a royal spread of the most delectable delicacies. In case you want a taste, the genius chef at Cooking The Globe has created a proper traditional breakfast table from 10 famous-for-their-cuisine countries around the world.