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38 One-Minute Recipes That REALLY Taste Great

Why didn't we think of them sooner?

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18 May 2017

video credit: 5-minutesCraft/YouTube

Yep, we too scoffed at the idea of cooking ANY edible food in 1 minute given how peeling a stubborn banana sometimes takes more than a minute.

You too, can doubt and scoff all you want, but the fact is: You CAN make yummy food without spending hours in the kitchen.

Of course, some obvious food items (rice, meat, pasta) are way out of our 1-minute deadline, but these genius recipes are more about being kitchen-creative and knowing what flavours (and food items) work best with each other than actually cooking them.

And once you think in that direction, you too can come up with several such options to fix your late-night snack attacks. For instance, did you know you can make a melt-in-your-mouth Nutella sandwich by grilling your toast on a butter smeared pan or you can bake eggs with bran bread? We neither — till we watched this video by @5-Minute Crafts.

The recipes in this video are SO easy and yummy that they’ll make you ditch the old-school way of cooking and instantly switch to cook-in-a-minute mode.