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15 July 2021

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Whether you're new to the kitchen, trying out new recipes, a seasoned home cook, or a professional chef, ExpatWoman would like to be part of your cooking journey.

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Why Brussels Sprouts Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas

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18 November 2020

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have something of a complicated reputation.

People tend to love them or hate them, but all agree on one thing: They’re very much a Christmas food.

But why is it that Brussels sprouts are banished to just one time of year? Turkey seems to have gotten away much easier – it might be the centrepiece of the festive meal, but people still have it at other times, at Thanksgiving or in stews and sandwiches.

5 Ways to Serve-Up Healthy Options Using Fresh Marmum Milk

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20 October 2019

How to use Marmum Milk in smoothies

Amidst the many things we parents are anxious over when bringing our kids up, making sure they get the right nutrition is probably in the top 3.

Thankfully, for time-crunched eaters and kids-on-the-go, there is one easy way to consume exactly what we and our little ones need for our daily requirements - and that's smoothies.

Smoothies are the best way to ensure that a healthy serving of fruit and milk are consumed each day.