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How To Make Chef Gareth Ward’s Welsh Lamb

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4 February 2019

Chef Gareth Ward’s Welsh Lamb

Gareth Ward runs Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms in Powys, named Best Restaurant in Wales at the National Restaurant Awards 2018 – so it’s fair to say, he knows his way around cooking Welsh lamb.

In this recipe, the lamb is served in two parts: Rib then loin. For the lamb rib portion, you’ll need a water bath. But if you haven’t got the kit, skip the rib and head straight for the lamb loin portion of the recipe, using the glaze from part one.

(Serves 4)

Here's Why You Should Cook with Filtered Water

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30 January 2019

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benefits of cooking with filtered water

Water is indispensable in cooking.

It is used in almost every stage; from washing the ingredients, to preparation (steaming, boiling, baking and dissolving sugar/salt… etc), to cleaning the utensils and plates once the meal is over.

Is cooking with filtered water better than cooking with a different type of water? The answer is: Yes. Let’s start with explaining the differences between the main types of water.

You Could Save The World With The ‘Planetary Health Diet’ – But What Can You Actually Eat?

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20 January 2019

Planetary Health Diet

A diet that can avoid premature death and safeguard the Earth at the same time sounds too good to be true – but that’s exactly what experts are saying is possible with the ‘planetary health diet’.

Scientists, who have drawn up the diet as part of an international commission, say we’ll have to hugely shift away from meat consumption to more vegetables, fruit and legumes, which could prevent 11 million premature deaths per year by 2050, while also reducing some of the worst effects of climate change.

3 Easy Ways To Make Scrambled Eggs

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15 May 2017

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3 Easy Ways To Make Scrambled Eggs

We don't know about you, but breakfast is our favourite meal of the day. And who doesn't like eggs for breakfast?

Eggs taste great and you can cook them super-fast. From a fitness standpoint, they’re one of the perfect foods: eggs are an encapsulated source of very high-quality protein and very high-quality fat. However, eating eggs every day, especially when they are cooked the same way, can get boring fast.

10 Yummy Breakfasts From Around The World

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22 April 2017

Yummy Breakfasts From Around The World

It's 8 am in the morning. Somewhere in the world, someone is having breakfast that’s TOTALLY opposite to your first meal.

For some, it could be a quick cup of black coffee, for others — it’s a royal spread of the most delectable delicacies. In case you want a taste, the genius chef at Cooking The Globe has created a proper traditional breakfast table from 10 famous-for-their-cuisine countries around the world.

How Famous Chefs Organise Their Fridge

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22 April 2017

How to organise fridge

Organising a fridge — is there such a thing, you ask? Buy stuff, dump it inside and you’re done!

Well, if you value your life then don't EVER say that in front of a chef. These guardians of culinary mysteries take their jobs seriously because for them — it’s not just what pays their bills but a fierce passion. And just like their knives, their refrigerators are a scared domain that remain resolutely personal.

Gordon Ramsay's Top 3 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

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1 April 2017

Gordon Ramsay kitchen gadgets

If you have the slightest interest in cooking, celebrities and reality shows, you would know who Gordon Ramsay is.

He is the celebrated Michelin-starred chef who keeps millions of amateur chefs on their toes. His articulate insults and brutal satire have made many contestants cry on various TV shows like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares’.