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This Is Hugh Jackman's Favourite Dessert In The Whole Wide World

*cue major aww moment*

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29 April 2017

Hugh Jackman's favourite dessert

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In case you need one more reason to fall hopelessly in love with the endearing man-beast we know as Logan — then be prepared to cue a major aww-worthy moment cause we're about to tell you his favourite dessert.

The Wolverine actor recently posted a photo of the handwritten recipe for his mum’s "Hughby’s Favorite Crème Caramel Cake" with the hashtag #throwbackthursday and then “Thanks Mum!”

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An hour later, he shared a mighty yummy looking Crème Caramel photo. With this pic, he wrote, "The result of Mum's Creme Caramel!" Take a look:

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Crème caramel is mainly a custard dessert (aka flan in the U.S.) with a soft caramel topping instead of a crunchy top. And judging by the picture, Hugh Jackman seems to have perfected the gooey, decadent texture.

This isn't the first time that Jackman has professed his love for good food, the Australian actor regularly shares some scrummy photos with his 12 million fans on Instagram.

Looks like Crème Caramel Cake isn't the only good thing his mum taught him. He also shared a pic of himself mixing some cashew-nut flapjacks batter.