Traditional Eid Foods From Around the World |

Traditional Eid Foods From Around the World

Why not try one of these delicious alternatives for Eid this year?

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8 July 2015

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Traditional Eid Foods From Around the World

Due to the number of Muslims residing from all over the world, particularly in Southeast Asia and not just the Middle East, there are different Eid food favorites depending on the region. It is also the same for Muslims who have migrated to the West, they have also brought their food traditions with them as they settled there.

In an attempt to catch a glimpse of different Eid food traditions from around the world, we took a peek of what each region has to offer.

North Africa

In this region, tagines are a staple on the table during Eid celebrations. Countries like Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia each makes them differently. The countries have also incorporated their own local ingredients that have been passed by from one generation in a family to another. The common preparation of this would involve meats and veggies that are cooked in tagines, then spooned over couscous to eat.


South Asia (Indian Subcontinent)

Indians, Bengali and Pakistanis enjoy the traditional biryani for Eid. It is a Basmati rice dish that originated from Persia but has also reached Southeast Asia. Each country has its own version while including local spices and nuts to it. No Eid table is complete without it anywhere in the world. For dessert, they traditionally serve sviyan kheer. It is a sweet Mughal cuisine that involves vermicelli with condensed milk, nuts, saffron and ghee. 

United States

In the United States, common Eid favorite are Italian Pasta Salad with the usual roasted chicken on a bed of rice and seasonal produce. 

Middle East, Turkey, and Central Asia

In this region, an assortment of roasted meats is most common during Eid. Kebabs and mixed grills are served with traditional salads of the region. Sometimes skewered and sometimes taken off them, the fat that drips from the meats while they are cooking is what makes it flavorful. 

Harees, a Bedouin dish, is also a common favorite in the region. It has a porridge-like consistency that include cracked wheat, salt and chicken or lamb. It is cooked slowly, which gives it a nice flavor. The United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries serve this favorite on Eid tables. In countries such as Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, special Eid cookies called maamoul are often found in households. It is made of semolina four and rose water with fillings like dates and pistachios in them. They are molded into balls and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. 

Far East

In the Far East where Muslim the largest Muslim population is, Indonesia’s Eid Al Fitr celebration is called Lebaran. The common dish they serve is the ketupat, which literally means packed rice. It is glutinous rice wrapped in palm leaves that are artfully woven. The rice is half-cooked in coconut milk and then steamed. In China, deep fried noodles are almost always present. It is also called sangza and is popular among the Uyghur Muslims of Xinjiang province.