Things You Only Know if Autumn is Your Favourite Season for Food |

Things You Only Know if Autumn is Your Favourite Season for Food

Bring on those pumpkin pies

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23 September 2019

Things You Only Know if Autumn is Your Favourite Season for Food

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Give us golden leaves, conkers underfoot and dinner from the oven – not the barbecue. The fireworks are a-coming, it’s already getting darker in the evenings, and we’re craving stews, casseroles and roast dinner after roast dinner.

Autumn is finally here, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate that it’s the best season for cooking, eating and having people over for dinner. Here’s why…

You can start having a proper roast dinner every single Friday again, and no one will quizzically raise an eyebrow at the fact there’s no salad, and you’re serving excessive quantities of cauliflower cheese.

It’s oyster season – grab the Tabasco and the lemon slices. Immediately.

Now is one of the best times of year to go out foraging, whether for blackberries and sloes, rosehip or mushrooms (although you’d better know what you’re doing – please no poisoning). Yes, go feel smug about all that free food you’ve collected – just leave some for the birds.

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You might not be American, but who cares – you can totally host your own Thanksgiving homage,, complete with roast turkey, corn, sweet potato casserole (topped with marshmallows) and green beans and bacon galore.

Halloween – that means candy, candy, candy,, and leftover chocolate for weeks to come (even if it is stolen from your kids’ trick or treating stash).

Pumpkin carving means pumpkin everything, – pie, stew, soup, you name it, we’ll eat it.

The slow cooker is back in action after its summer-long hiatus,. Pop everything in before work, and you’ve got a stew just waiting for you when you get home – it’s possibly the greatest invention you’ve ever encountered.

You get to celebrate the Harvest Festival – which means collecting at least a tower’s worth of canned goods for sharing out.

Proper puddings are once again on the menu. Sticky toffee pudding, custard, apple tarts, pumpkin pie, pecan tart, bread and butter pudding, crumble, cobblers – we’ll take ’em all.

Same goes for hearty dinners – think stroganoff and stews, chilli and slow roast pork and ALL of the pies. Steak and kidney pie, here we come – and yes, there’d better be mash and gravy with it.