Recipe: Quick and Easy Halloween Spider Cupcakes |

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22 October 2012



Recipe: Quick and Easy Halloween Spider Cupcakes


For cupcakes
1/2kg vanilla frosting
1/4 tsp orange concentrated paste food colour
24 unfrosted cupcakes - baked from a mix
<strong>For Spiders</strong>
30 large black gumdrops
20g decorating gel black in colour


  • In a small bowl, place 3 tablespoons of frosting. Set aside.
  • Mix the remaining frosting and orange food colour in a small container until well distributed. Frost cupcakes.
  • To make cupcakes with spiders, put black decorating gel and create a spiral covering on top of the frosted cupcake. Then add the black gumdrop in the centre and legs coming out of the gumdrop. You can also try to sprinkle the cupcake to add variety.
  • Enjoy!
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