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Would You Dare To Try The ‘World’s Spiciest’ Fish And Chips?

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31 January 2019

world’s spiciest’ fish and chips

If you’ve ever thought your fish supper would be improved by a dash of hot sauce, you should probably head to this family-run takeaway in Haxby, North Yorkshire.

Millers Fish & Chips are selling what they claim to be the world’s spiciest fish and chips – and you’ll have to sign a waiver before tucking in.

The batter includes 10 super hot ingredients, including dried chillies, cayenne pepper and paprika, it’s then covered in hot sauce and sprinkled with spicy crisps.

You Can Now Buy Greggs In The UAE

Posted on

10 October 2017

Greggs in UAE - Where to buy Greggs in UAE

This latest news is like music to our ears - well, for the Brits amongst us - as it's been revealed that Greggs products are now available in UAE!

Yes Greggs in the UAE has been a dream of many of ours for a long time now, we're sure. But now the long wait is over, as Britain's most popular high-street food outlet is now within reaching distance in the UAE.

Well... At least, it's products are. While there's no full Greggs outlet yet, the famous chain baker's products are available in a store in Abu Dhabi.