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10 Chrissy Teigen Recipes That Will Send You Into A Food Coma

Posted on

28 May 2017

Chrissy Teigen Recipes

Chrissy Teigen is all things witty, charming, sexy and delicious. This model-turned-food-blogger-turned-author can cook better than she cleans up for red carpets — and we all know how well she does that.

There aren’t many celebrities who would admit, let alone flaunt their passion for food but Teigen is not one of them. This woman LOVES to whip up some drool-worthy recipes and the best thing about her food is she’s not one for substituting ingredients for the sake of health.

6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED The Food

Posted on

21 May 2017

6 Times Gordon Ramsay Actually LIKED The Food

The only things better than Gordon Ramsay's Michelin-star cooking are his scathing insults.

To say that Ramsay is tough, cruel and honest with his food reviews is a gross understatement. The British celebrity chef is the poster boy for anyone’s kitchen nightmares. After all, you don’t become a world-renowned chef without developing an acute sense for what tastes good. He has thrashed countless chefs out of the kitchen BUT there have been a handful of times when he has praised the chef.

The Best Chili Sauce At Home — Jamie Oliver Style

Posted on

18 May 2017

The Best Chili Sauce At Home By Jamie Oliver

If your eyes get a hungry glaze at words like dynamite, 'sizzling and fiery on a menu card and if you firmly believe that the redder the snack, the better then sit tight — we're going to make your day so much better than yesterday.

Well, we can't take the credit here — it's Jamie Oliver, the British celebrity chef/restaurateur who has made every spice-loving soul's life happier with his eye-watering spicy chilli sauce recipe video above.

Katy Perry Makes The World's Best Cherry Pie

Posted on

2 May 2017

Katy Perry cherry pie

Katy Perry is seriously into cherry pies these days and TBH we LOVE IT!

From baking her go-to dessert recipe to giving out boxes in a cherry-perfect outfit — the pop star is making sure people remember her version of the good old dessert.

The 'Chained to the Rhythm' hit maker recently debuted her brand new single titled 'Bon Appetit' - hence the sudden need to turn into a chef.

How Famous Chefs Organise Their Fridge

Posted on

22 April 2017

How to organise fridge

Organising a fridge — is there such a thing, you ask? Buy stuff, dump it inside and you’re done!

Well, if you value your life then don't EVER say that in front of a chef. These guardians of culinary mysteries take their jobs seriously because for them — it’s not just what pays their bills but a fierce passion. And just like their knives, their refrigerators are a scared domain that remain resolutely personal.

Gordon Ramsay De-Shells A Lobster In 3 Mins & We're Kinda Awed

Posted on

12 April 2017

How to debone a lobster

You can hate him (or love him) all you want for his scathing comments but you’ve got to admit — Gordon Ramsay is a culinary magician and when he talks food, it's best to listen. He may not have a pleasant deposition but when this guy de-bones a lobster like a boss, all we do is stare at the lobster — and then at Gordon.

The Michelin-star chef revealed some of his secrets to perfectly de-shelling a lobster — In just three minutes.