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Gordon Ramsay De-Shells A Lobster In 3 Mins & We're Kinda Awed

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12 April 2017

video credit: MasterChefOnFOX/YouTube

You can hate him (or love him) all you want for his scathing comments but you’ve got to admit — Gordon Ramsay is a culinary magician and when he talks food, it's best to listen. He may not have a pleasant deposition but when this guy de-bones a lobster like a boss, all we do is stare at the lobster — and then at Gordon.

The Michelin-star chef revealed some of his secrets to perfectly de-shelling a lobster — In just three minutes.

Gordon's method focuses on killing the lobster in the most humane way possible and taking out every ounce of meat, even from the little legs that most of us usually bin.

The video, taken from the US version of Masterchef on YouTube, shows Ramsay training a group of a contestant in the art of extracting as much meat as possible from the lobster's shell. He doesn't use any fancy hammers but basic kitchen gadgets that we all have including a pair of kitchen shears, a chef's knife and a wooden pastry roller.

His method is SO efficient and smooth that it's strangely mesmerising to see him at work with such ease and perfection.