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Experience the Magic of 'Stranger Things' With This Inspired Sushi Set in Dubai

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25 April 2023

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Stranger Things sushi box set in Dubai

Available for a limited time only.

Fan of 'Stranger Things'? Got a hankering for Japanese cuisine?

You're in luck because there's a new item on Dubai's menu inspired by the wildly popular Netflix series. SushiArt has a limited-edition sushi box based off the creepy alternate universe as depicted in the show.

Suitably named the 'Upside-Down Sushi Box', this delicious tribute has a variety of over 40 different sushi rolls and nigiri options, packed in a cool-looking box themed after the iconic series.

11 Food Items That Have Been Banned In Dubai School Canteens

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20 August 2017

 Food Items Banned In Dubai School Canteens

As a parent, you're probably doing everything in your power to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your kids at home. But despite all your efforts, the unsupervised and often unhygienic junk food consumed at school canteens still plays a major role in your child's eating patterns.

Taking strict actions against this issue, The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Health Authority have published a guidance manual to improve the nutritional standard of food served or sold in schools.

The World’s Best Spice Market Is Right Here In Dubai

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6 June 2017

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Dubai Souk Spice

Different people come to Dubai for different reasons; some for the tallest building, some for the gold and some for its unabashed opulence. What most of us conveniently ignore and underestimate is Dubai’s spice market — the ultimate paradise for a food connoisseur.

Dubai Spice Souk is a true calling for those who are blessed with the knack to identify deliciousness before its cooked. Located in Deira, just a few blocks away from the famous Gold Souk, the narrow alleys of the Dubai Spice Souk brim with vibrant mounds of herbs, spices and dried flowers.