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11 Food Items That Have Been Banned In Dubai School Canteens

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20 August 2017

 Food Items Banned In Dubai School Canteens

As a parent, you're probably doing everything in your power to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for your kids at home. But despite all your efforts, the unsupervised and often unhygienic junk food consumed at school canteens still plays a major role in your child's eating patterns.

Taking strict actions against this issue, The Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and the Dubai Health Authority have published a guidance manual to improve the nutritional standard of food served or sold in schools.

The updated guidelines for Dubai school canteens focus on hygiene requirements, portion sizes and school’s food supplying facilities.

The recently issued guideline comes just in time for the 2017-2018 school calendar. But this is the first time that food regulatory authorities in Dubai have taken a step to remove unhealthy foods from school canteens. Almost 5 years ago, all schools were asked to remove junk food from their menus or face fines.

Here's a list of all the banned items from Dubai school canteens.

  • All kinds of soft drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • All types of fruit drinks
  • Milk and yoghurt with synthetic flavours
  • All types of chewing gum and candies
  • Bofak (special type of Chips)
  • Sweets composed of excessive sugar and colourants
  • Plain chocolate
  • Food items containing monosodium glutamate (found naturally in tomatoes, cheese and other foods.
  • MSG is used in the food industry as a flavour enhancer)
  • High-fat food
  • Chips