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Eating healthy. Food trends

Why Pea Milk Should Be Your New Favourite Dairy-Free Alternative

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5 February 2019

Dairy-Free Alternative

It’s easier than ever to live a plant-based life – long gone are the days when you would be shunned from coffee shops if you asked for dairy-free milk. The vegan milk industry is booming, and whether you favour almond, oat or soy, it’s worth trying a new name on the scene: pea milk.

Whole Foods predicts pea milk will be big this year, with the brand Mighty Society Pea Milk launching exclusively instore in the UK this month.

This Is How Experts Think You Should Portion Your Food – And It Might Surprise You

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16 January 2019

Food portions

Even if you’re not the kind of person who resolved to overhaul their diet in the new year, January is still a good opportunity to think about how healthy your lifestyle is.

With this in mind, it’s the perfect time for experts to remind us how we should best portion our food – which is exactly what the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has done with its new guide called Find Your Balance.

The BNF wants you to know that what you eat is important, but also how you eat it. Here’s everything you need to know about portion sizes…

As Fibre Is Hailed As Life-Saving – 6 Easy Ways To Hit Your Recommended Intake

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13 January 2019

As Fibre Is Hailed As Life-Saving

It’s January, so chances are you’re taking a long hard look at your diet and trying to make it as healthy as possible. However, there’s one thing you’re probably not paying enough attention to – and that’s fibre.

But a new study has concluded that eating wholegrain foods which contain dietary fibre could reduce the risk of contracting a whole range of deadly diseases, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

How to Make Your Own Vegan Jaffa Cakes

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13 December 2018

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Recipe for homemade vegan jaffa cakes

Just because you’re doing a plant-based Christmas, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all your favourites.

In fact, it’s almost mandatory to have sugary treats on hand while you make the big meal. For vegans – or really anyone – with a sweet tooth, whip up a batch of your own ‘jaffa cakes’ from Gaz Oakley’s festive book – and then you can really settle into the age-old debate: Is it a cake or is it a biscuit?